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Reliable Mapping Services

As the renewable energy industry continues to grow, efficient and accurate site mapping has become a critical aspect of pre-construction planning. Highland Access Ltd is utilising the latest technology to provide comprehensive and reliable mapping services for renewable energy projects.


Experience in Mapping Renewable Sites

With years of experience in the industry, Highland Access Ltd understands the unique challenges associated with mapping renewable sites, such as wind farms, solar farms, and hydropower facilities, in hard-to-reach and complex environments.


Range of Outputs

Highland Access Ltd offers a range of different outputs to suit the specific needs of our clients. One of the key outputs we provide is high-resolution orthomosaic maps. These maps are created by stitching together hundreds or even thousands of individual aerial images captured by our drones, resulting in a detailed and accurate representation of the site.


Valuable Visual Overview

Orthomosaic maps are invaluable for site planning, as they provide an up-to-date and georeferenced visual overview of the entire area, allowing for precise measurements, analysis, and decision-making. In addition to orthomosaic maps, we also offer digital elevation models (DEMs) and 3D point clouds as outputs.


Ensuring Safety

At Highland Access Ltd, safety is our top priority. Our skilled drone pilots adhere to strict safety protocols and follow all regulatory guidelines to ensure safe and compliant operations. Our drones are regularly maintained and inspected to ensure their reliability and performance.


Results Tailored to Your Project

Using Highland Access Ltd for your renewable site mapping needs means you can trust in our expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to safety to deliver accurate and comprehensive results. Our outputs are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project, providing you with invaluable data to inform your pre-construction planning and maximise the success of your renewable energy project.


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