Invasive & Non-Native Species Control (Environmental)

Rope Access (INNS) Invasive Non-Native Species Control Solutions

Rope Access Invasive Species Control in Scotland

Highland Access Ltd specialises in Rope Access vegetation management, providing specialised services to safeguard Scotland’s diverse ecosystems from invasive species like Rhododendron, Japanese Knotweed, Non-native Conifors, Giant Hogweed, Salmonberry & more. Our team of IRATA-certified technicians, trained in safe rope access techniques and PA1/PA6 pesticide handling, are experts in managing the challenges posed by invasive species in Gorges, cliffs, steep hillsides in Scotland’s areas of outstanding beauty.

The Challenge of Invasive Species in Scotland

Control is essential in combatting the spread of harmful species like Rhododendron Ponticum, Japanese Knotweed, and Himalayan Balsam. Invasive plants threaten the ecological balance, out-competing native flora and altering habitat conditions. Our approach to Invasive Species and Non-native Control is tailored to mitigate these impacts effectively.

Specialising in (INNS) Invasive Non-Native Species Control in Scotland

Our Rope Access services include the removal of non-native trees and invasive species, which are particularly detrimental to Scotland’s native ecosystems. Our expertise in these areas ensures that these species are removed efficiently and safely, aiding in the restoration of ecological balance.

Drone Technology – Enhancing Our Rope Access Services

In our  Invasive Species and non-native Control operations, we incorporate drone technology to identify and assess invasive species in challenging locations. This innovative approach improves the precision and effectiveness of our control strategies.

Customised Control Strategies for Every Project

We understand that each site is unique and requires a customised approach. Our  services are designed to meet the specific environmental needs of each location, ensuring effective and sustainable outcomes.

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Drones & Rope Access for Invasive Species Control
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Rope Access Rhododendron Control