Drone Services (Renewables)

Drones are transforming inspections of renewable assets around the world. Even minor damage can cause inefficiencies and wasted energy. Drones can reduce the time for an inspection significantly providing quick and remote coverage of assets. All Highland Access employees carrying out inspections on renewable assets are suitably qualified in blade repair, wind turbine inspection & thermography.

Blade & Tower Inspection

Using drones for blade & tower inspections is safer, quicker, and more cost effective than traditional methods like rope access, mewp, platform. This means inspections can be carried out more frequently without the risk and cost of working at height.  All inspections are carried out by qualified and experienced blade repair technicians who are also IRATA, GWO & CAA certified.



A highly detailed aerial map allows for insight into the site details without requiring a client to be there in person. Drones can produce high quality 2D aerial maps, 3D models, and 360 aerial panoramas for surveyors, property developers, architects, and construction companies, solving their most complex problems quickly. Utilising our RTK enabled drones we can conduct mapping with centimetre accuracy.

Drone Mappning Services

Solar Panel Inspections

A thermal camera can help identify manufacturing defects, cracks, faulty inter-connectors, defective bypass diodes and temporary shadowing.Drones reduce the time and cost of inspection compared to manual methods while increasing safety, speed & quality of inspection. Solar farms are typically very large installations, so a drone equipped with an appropriate thermal camera can scan the site for defects much faster than traditional methods

Renewables Solar Panel Inspection