Drone Services (Industrial)

Drones are a valuable addition to all industrial facilities. Removing humans from dangerous situations like confined space entry & working at height, while also in many cases removing the need to shut down and isolate equipment or systems for long periods of time to avoid damage or injury to the inspection personnel. Drones open up new opportunities and generate efficiencies.

We are able to solve complex problems and initiate functional solutions in even the most hazardous of industries while following essential safety protocols and precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our team members and clients.

Visual Inspection

All visual inspections of assets carried out with drones by highland access is done with 2 technicians. One drone operator and one suitably qualified engineer/inspector payload operator to make shure no defects go unmissed. Visual inspection via drone can be a great way to initially identify issues before working at height is used for maintenance and repair.

Industry Visual Inspection


Thermal Imaging uses infrared camera technology to detect small differences in surface temperatures. This can be great for identifying issues that can’t be seen easily by visual inspection like overheating, insulation loss, high friction of moving parts, leaks, cracks and more. All thermal surveys are carried out by qualified thermographers.



We fly a pre-set prepared flight path over the stockpile whilst taking a series of photographs with overlapping fields of view. Following the data collection, the photographs are processed through a photogrammetric software and converted into a 3D model. The volume of the stockpile can then be analysed within the 3D processing software to provide the total volume details.


Project Progress Imagery

The sharp, detailed images produced by drones enable managers to track work progress and make accurate decisions based on up-to-date data and comprehensive reconstructed site maps instead of relying on plans or incomplete data that may not reflect reality. The aerial images also act as a visual aid when communicating with all parties, so that everyone can see for themselves what has already been done and what remains to be done.

Project Progress Inspection

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