Storm Damage Inspections (Forestry & Land)

Drones for Storm Damage Inspections

Scotland’s forests are a valuable resource, providing important ecological and economic benefits. However, they are also vulnerable to storm damage, which can have a significant impact on forest health and productivity. Timely assessment and management of storm damage are crucial for maintaining healthy forests.

Drones in Forestry

One of the most effective tools for assessing storm damage in forestry is the use of drones. Drones can quickly and accurately assess the extent of storm damage in forestry. Drone surveys can cover large areas quickly, providing a comprehensive overview of the damage and enabling forest managers to quickly assess the impact of the storm on the forest.

Advantages of Drone Inspections

One of the main advantages of using drones for storm damage inspections in forestry in Scotland is the ability to access remote or hard-to-reach areas. Many forests in Scotland are located in remote or hard-to-reach locations, making traditional survey methods difficult and time-consuming. Drones can quickly and safely survey these areas, providing valuable data on the extent of storm damage.

Detailed Reporting

After a survey is completed the client will be provided with a detailed report detailing any areas of concern, including co ordinates, photos & GIS map.


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