Mapping (Forestry & Land)

Peatlands & Forestry Mapping With Drones

Highland Access Ltd provide a range of peatland & forestry mapping outputs. Our innovative technology allows us to capture high-resolution aerial imagery & Orthomosaics of forest ecosystems and peatlands, providing detailed information that can be used to support a wide range of conservation and management activities.

Preserving Vital Ecosystems

Peatlands are crucial ecosystems with many benefits. Unfortunately, human activities have harmed many peatlands in Scotland, leading to carbon emissions and the loss of ecosystem services. At Highland Access, we specialise in mapping these peatlands to support restoration efforts and protect these important habitats.

Optimising Sustainable Management

Our forestry mapping services supply you with crucial insights for sustainable forest management. By utilising our drone technology, we generate accurate and detailed outputs that enable effective decision making and conservation strategies.

Comprehensive Data for Informed Decisions

Forestry mapping can capture essential data such as tree distribution, forest density, tree counts and more. This information aids in understanding forest ecosystems, identifying areas in need of intervention, and promoting sustainable practices.

Unlocking Restoration Opportunities

At Highland Access, we offer mapping of peatlands for restoration purposes. With our mapping sensors, we can provide detailed outputs and information about the condition of peatlands. This data helps identify areas that are in need of restoration, allowing for targeted interventions.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our drone mapping services encompass continuous monitoring of forest ecosystems and peatlands. Additionally, by comparing data over time, we can evaluate the effectiveness of restoration efforts, track changes, and make well-informed decisions for ongoing conservation initiatives.


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