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Drones are transforming inspections of renewable assets around the world. Even minor damage can cause inefficiencies and wasted energy. Drones can reduce the time for an inspection significantly providing quick and remote coverage of assets. All Highland Access employees carrying out inspections on renewable assets are suitably qualified in blade repair, wind turbine inspection & thermography.



The application of drone technology in the forestry industry offers significant advantages to those who embrace it.  This exciting and rapidly evolving technology possesses the capability to capture high-resolution images that can enable organisations to better understand and track the health of forests and their inhabitants. Drones can be used for tree measurements/counts, project progress, tracking animal locations and monitoring tree health. Drones are far more efficient and cost-effective compared to traditional methods of data collection. 



Drones enable safe inspections of tall and complex struc­tures. They eliminate the need for workers to physically access hostile environments. UAVs equipped with obstacle avoidance capabilities are able to navigate very close to structures, allowing them to capture minute details. They can take high-resolution images, infrared images or 4K video that clearly show cracks, damage, installation errors and other defects at elevations and angles that humans cannot. This allows for collection of more comprehensive data without exposing the in­spection team to risks. All Inspections carried out by Highland Access are done so by suitably qualified technicians. 



The sharp, detailed images produced by drones enable property managers to keep up to date with the condition of their assets, and plan preventative maintenance accordingly.  Using drones minimises the need for working at height providing a safer and cheaper alternative. All thermal surveys are carried out by qualified thermographers and any inspections can be signed off by independent surveyors.

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The sharp, detailed images produced by drones enable site managers to track work progress and make accurate decisions based on up-to-date data and comprehensive site maps instead of relying on plans or incomplete data that may not reflect reality. All Highland Access employees hold current CSCS cards for operating on construction sites.