Thermography (Property & Facilities)

Drones have transformed the way building inspections and thermal surveys are carried out. The use of drones for  surveys can provide accurate and comprehensive data without the need for access equipment. Highland Access, a company specialising in building inspections and maintenance services, use drones to carry out thermal surveys of properties and facilities, and this has proved to be an effective solution for identifying issues otherwise missed by traditional methods.


Thermal Surveys Explained

Thermal surveys use infrared sensors to detect variations in surface temperature. This can reveal potential issues such as missing insulation, water ingress, and heat loss that are not visible to the naked eye. Thermal sensors mounted on drones capture infrared images, which show hot spots and cold spots on the building’s surface. These images can be analysed to identify areas that need further inspections, saving time and providing a comprehensive understanding of the building’s condition.


Benefits of Using Drones for Thermal Surveys

Using drones for infrared surveys has many benefits over traditional surveying methods. Drones can access hard-to-reach areas with ease without the need for scaffolding, making the inspection process faster and safer. They can also detect issues far quicker, resulting in quicker fixes for minor issues and can help prevent minor issues from becoming major ones. Using drones for thermal surveys can be more cost-effective than traditional surveying methods, as it saves money by reducing the labour required and the time spent on site.


Precision and Accuracy of Thermal Surveys

The use of drones for thermal surveys can provide precise and accurate data. The drones use infrared technology to capture high-quality images that can be used to create detailed maps of the building’s surface temperatures. These images are often used to generate comprehensive reports that include thermal imaging data and recommendations for repairs, so building managers can take action to address the issues promptly.


As the property industry continues to embrace new technology, the use of drones for thermal surveys is an increasingly popular and effective way of carrying out inspections. Highland Access’s use of drones for thermal surveys is an excellent example of how new technology is transforming traditional industries. This approach saves time, money and improves safety as well as providing accurate, comprehensive data. As the use of drones for surveys continues to grow in popularity, they will become an integral part of building maintenance and inspection strategies.


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