Drone Services (Property & Facilities)

Drone technology for properties & facilities manager in Scotland offers significant advantages to those who embrace it. This exciting and rapidly evolving technology possesses the capability to capture thermal, high-resolution images & video that can enable facility managers to better understand the condition of their buildings to help with preventive maintenance and more.

We are able to solve complex problems and initiate functional solutions in even the most hazardous of industries while following essential safety protocols and precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our team members and clients.

Roof Inspection

Using drones to inspect roofs is an effective way to increase speed, safety, and accuracy while reducing the cost of inspection compared to traditional methods. With rooflines becoming more complex and difficult to navigate physically using the traditional means, drones can help a lot in overcoming challenges.



Thermal Imaging uses infrared camera technology to detect small differences in surface temperatures. As well as use in a lot of infrastructure inspection it’s also the quickest way to find out why your building is cold, often revealing problems that you wouldn’t find any other way. Using specialist infrared cameras, a standard survey will identify subtle differences in temperature without even needing to enter a building. Once captured, the easy-to-interpret images can clearly highlight areas of concern, showing clients where they’re wasting energy and losing money. All thermal surveys are carried out by qualified thermographers.


Facade Inspection

Drone Inspections of building facades can be a great way to get an overview of the condition of your building, to help with planning routine maintenance while also removing the need for working at height to carry out the initial visual inspection. With the new smart inspection feature we can recordmission actions such as aircraft movement, gimbalorientation, photo shooting, and zoom level to createsample mission files for future automated inspections.


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