Deer Management (Forestry & Land)

Deer management is a critical aspect of protecting Scotland’s natural environment and promoting sustainable forestry. Drones equipped with advanced sensors have revolutionised the way we approach deer management, making it more efficient and effective than ever before.


One of the primary applications of drones in deer management is conducting deer census. Traditional methods of conducting deer census can be time-consuming and require a large team of experts. However, drones can cover large areas in a relatively short amount of time, making it easier to gather accurate data on the number and distribution of deer populations. This data is essential for developing effective management plans and monitoring the success of those plans over time.


Infrared sensors are an invaluable tools for deer management. When new plantations are established, it can be challenging to locate deer populations that may be present. However, drones equipped with infrared sensors can detect heat signatures, they can then be identified using our 200x zoom lens making it easier to locate deer populations in these areas. This information is essential for developing effective management strategies and minimising damage to new plantations caused by deer browsing.


Traditional methods of conducting deer census and tracking deer populations can be expensive, requiring specialised equipment including helicopters  and a large team of personnel. Drones, on the other hand, can be operated by a small team and provide more accurate and comprehensive data. This makes deer management more efficient and cost-effective, providing more effective management and conservation strategies for Scotland’s natural environment.


At Highland Access Ltd, we offer drone services for deer management in Scotland. Our team of experienced drone operators and wildlife experts work together to provide efficient, accurate, and cost-effective deer management solutions that help to protect Scotland’s unique natural environment.


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Case Study

Case study on UAV deer detection in Scotland

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