Drone Services (Forestry & Land)

The application of drone technology in the Scottish forestry industry offers significant advantages to those who embrace it. This exciting and rapidly evolving technology possesses the capability to capture high-resolution images & video that can enable organisations to better understand and track the health of forests and their inhabitants.

Wildlife Monitoring

Utilising our infrared payloads, we can carry out a range of different wildlife surveys including deer census, nesting birds & more. Flying automated grid patterns of the survey area we can identify heat signatures with the infrared camera then investigate further with our 200x zoom camera to identify species. Flying at a height up to 120m causes minimal disturbance to wildlife.


Storm Damage Inspections

UAVs are the quickest andsafest way to conduct damagesurveys after severe weather.After a survey has been carriedout the client will be providedwith hi definition pictures and 360 panoramaof any damage as well as a digital map, pinpointing any locations of interest.

Drone Storm Damage Inspection


A highly detailed aerial map allows for insight into the property details without requiring a client to be there in person. Drones can produce high quality 2D aerial maps, 3D models, and 360 aerial panoramas for forest management, solving their most complex problems quickly. Utilising our RTK enabled drones we can conduct mapping with centimetre accuracy.

Forestry Drone Mapping

Project Progress Imagery

The sharp, detailed images produced by dronesenable forest managers to track work progress andmake accurate decisions based on up-to-date dataand comprehensive reconstructedsite maps insteadof relying on plans or incomplete data that may notreflect reality.The aerial images also act as a visual aid when communicatingwith all parties, so that everyone can seefor themselves what has already been done andwhat remains to be done.