Drone Deer Detection Scotland

Location – Lochaber
UAV – DJI M300
Payload – Zenmuse H20t

Recently we have had a lot of success carrying out plantation surveys on estates throughout the highland & islands.

Most Plantations smaller than 100ha can be surveyed in under 30 minutes providing an accurate overview of any deer gaining access to the plantations. For larger areas outside of our permissions, we utilise our dual operator mode which enables us to switch control of the UAV between two different operators. At the height of 120m, the drone goes unnoticed by wildlife on the ground, creating minimal disturbance to wildlife. By using dual thermal & zoom payloads we can detect wildlife with the thermal sensor while using the zoom for identification. Infrared surveys should be carried out before sunrise or after sunset to prevent solar gain.

The serious damage that wild deer can cause to young trees by browsing means that deer control has been an important factor throughout the history of woodland expansion in Scotland and will continue to be in the creation of further new woodlands.

The need for deer control within woodlands is similarly important to enable existing woodlands to be
re-stocked or regenerated, as well as to avoid other forms of damage such as bark stripping on established trees.


Stand-off thermal image taken from over 900m away.

Zoom camera image

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