Offshore UAV Coating Inspections

offshore inspection

Introduction This case study outlines a collaborative project between Highland Access Ltd and Airtech Integrity Ltd to carry out coating inspections on an offshore wind farm in Scotland for DEME. Utilising advanced drone technology, the project brought both efficiency and innovation to the maintenance of offshore energy infrastructures. Project Overview Location: Offshore wind farm, ScotlandClient: […]

WTG Lightning Protection Testing

lightning protection systems on wind turbines are essential for the safety and proper functioning of the turbines. Rope access is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective method of testing these systems, allowing technicians to quickly and easily access all parts of the wind turbine and ensure that the LPS system is functioning properly.

Drones for Deer Detection

deer detection

Using drones with thermal cameras to detect deer in new tree plantations can offer a number of advantages over traditional methods of monitoring and managing deer populations.