Access Services (Property & Facilities)

Highland Access specialises in rope access property & facilities projects wherever repair, inspection,  maintenance & cleaning work is required at height.  Using rope access techniques, our highly trained and experienced teams based in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Inverness perform a wide variety of maintenance, inspection & cleaning tasks.

Rope access provides a cost-effective alternative to using scaffold and other access equipment which can be both expensive and time-consuming. Rope access requires minimal set-up time and unlike other forms of Access, Rope access in most situations can be installed and de-rigged on the same day, causing less disruption. All works carried out by Highland Access are done by the IRATA ICOP & our safe operating procedures.


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Anchor Installation & Inspection

All types of anchors installed by Highland Access are subjected to a strict testing criteria including proof load testing ensuring that they meet the client’s requirements. Our installers work to the current British standards of BS EN 795 for A1 anchors and BS 7883:2005.

Roof Anchor Installation


We offer our clients throughout the UK a range of rope access cleaning services. Including window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, facade cleaning and cleaning of stonework. All our cleaning methods are safe & environmentally friendly. Cleaning ofstructures/buildingss is all so a great opportunity to detect any underlying damages.



From small installation works to large-scale projects our rope access technicians have the
experience to carry out all works safely and efficiently. we ensure that our rope access technician
has the correct skills & knowledge to carry installations correctly.

Property & Facilities Installation

General Maintenance

Highland Access has wide experience in carrying out repairs & maintenance at height, on a variety of buildings and facilities throughout Scotland, where the use of conventional access methods would prove to be difficult or expensive. Rope access requires minimal set-up time and unlike other forms of Access, Rope access in most situations can be installed & derigged on the same day, causing less disruption.


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We are able to solve complex problems and initiate functional solutions in even the most hazardous of industries while following essential safety protocols and precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our team members and clients.


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