Access Services (Forestry & Land)

Rope Access in Forestry & Land

Highland Access can provide a range of different solutions using rope access in forestry and land industries. Our technicians are all IRATA, PA1/6,  LANTRA & NPTC trained.

Rope access provides a cost-effective access alternative to using other access equipment which can be both expensive and time-consuming. Rope access requires minimal set-up time and unlike other forms of Access, Rope access in most situations can be installed and de-rigged on the same day, causing less disruption.

Our services using rope access in forestry and land offers distinct advantages for geotechnical work, vegetation management, and ecology. It enables safe, efficient access to challenging terrains, minimises environmental impact, and facilitates precise operations. This method enhances ecological surveys and conservation efforts, ensuring sustainable management of natural landscapes.

 All works carried out by highland access are done by the IRATA ICOP & our safe operating procedures.

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We also offer a range of Drone (UAV) services to the forestry & land sector that can be seen here Drone Services.